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About Veeve©

What is Veeve©?

We're a team of motivated individuals, dedicated to online learning and higher education.

We use our talents to develop online learning platforms that change the way we learn and make quality education more accessible to the world.

— Content Development
— Brand Integrations
— Animation & 3D
— Graphic Design

— Video Production
— Audio & Voice-Overs
— IT / Tech Support
— Applications & Software

Active Online
Learning Systems
Web Courses Sold
As of Jan. 2020

What does Veeve© do?

We use creative media to
merge art, technology, and education,

with web applications and online learning.

Website & Mobile App Design

We develop websites / applications that seamlessly integrate with sister iOS and Android mobile applications.

Motion Graphics & Animation

Animations and 3D renderings allow us to create stunning interactive online courses that provide students with a visual and interactive experience.

User Experience

Our team consists of the finest User Interface and User Experience designers the State of Texas has to offer. You can tell too!


What our clients
say about us.

Customer Support

“Veeve© has helped us every step of the way. From getting our first online driver education courses up and running, to managing our student support needs.”
Lewis L.

Texas Driving School

Code Quality

Veeve worked with us for close to a year while we were developing content for my first online course. They are practically family at this point!
Eric L.

Owner, Primal LLC.

Design Quality

Stumbling into Veeve can only be described as a blessing from above for us!
Sean S.

Owner, Fly-Tech Solutions

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We’re a team of creative and motivated people. We have our hands pretty full at the moment but we are always interested in new ideas and ways to improve the world. If you’d be interested in talking more about our services and technology feel free to give us a call or shoot as an email.